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Apr 26, 2021

Audit & Blacklistings - Non-Residents’ Immunities & ATIR – I&I Premises Access – Revenue Collections – Refunds Anomalies – Tobacco Taxation – Misc

1.      FBR Cir Let dt 23-4-2021 Timelines of Sectoral Audit - Instructions 

2.      FBR Cir Let dt 21-4-2021 Restoration -Suspension or Blacklisting of 
Sales Tax Registration

3.      ‘FBR cannot probe investment of non-resident Pakistanis’: ATIR

4.      FBR empowers I&I to access business premises

5.      FBR all set to achieve revenue collection target of RS4,767 Billion

6.      AGP lists serious issues in payment of refunds

7.      Tobacco industry accused of earning millions but paying ‘peanuts’ in 
terms of taxes

8.      LTOs highlight anomaly in extending concessions on imports

9.      OICCI urges FBR to simplify WHT regime on imports



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