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Oct 11, 2021

IMF Tax Instructions – Pandora Papers & FBR Inquiries – Judicial Process & Commissioners Reporting – PSW & FTN – Misc & Intl

1.      IMF seeks RS 225B more in income taxes: GLOBAL LENDER ASKS Pakistan 
to withdraw some sales tax exemptions
2.      Salaried class may be exempted from further taxes: IMF asks Pakistan 
to withdraw RS300B sales tax exemptions

3.      Pandora papers: Only 70 to 80 Pakistanis identified by FBR so far

4.      Interfering in judicial process of commissioners: No orders issued to 
field formations: FBR
5.      FBR had directed all commissioners (Appeals) to report to the heads 
of regional and large tax offices: FBR issues clarification on news item

6.      FTN holders: PSW expands scope of 'subscription module'
7.      Sindh E&T department collects over RS29.27BN in three months

8.      Minimum tax rate of 15%: Milestone Global Corporate tax deal finally 
gets agreement: Out of the 140 countries involved, 136 supported the 
deal with developing countries Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 
abstaining for now


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